Official Release Date: 17.10.17
This is an exclusive preview of EDSUN's upcoming song 'Apologee'. We kindly request you to keep all information confidential until the official release date.

After EDSUN’s debut EP N.O. released in 2015, he is now back with a more complex sound and meaningful society related themes, yet keeping his artistic vision and powerful melodic tunes. Created with the help of Emerine Samuel, Eric Foy and new comer Mudaze, EDSUN is delivering a fresh and alternative sound to the Luxembourgish music scene.

‘Apologee’ is a piece that confronts imperfections faced by individuals; searching for truth without restricting oneself within social stigmas. It rouses one's physical and mental limits, while seeking acceptance with ones true state.

It will be officially released on Tuesday 17th October 2017 via YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music and various other online streaming platforms. For more information and promotional material, please contact the management.


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