The Platonic Touch Tour

Tour Date: 4 October 2018 - 10 November 2018

The Platonic Touch tour will be EDSUN's first European Tour. It will be a blend of performance at various festivals, support act for other artists and headline shows. The tour will focus to bring awareness on the issue of platonic touch amongst men through performance art and virtual reality experience. 

Currently, EDSUN has confirmed and pending shows at Festivals in Brussels, Hamburg, Paris, and Kristiansand, but is now looking to reach more destinations around Europe such as, Berlin, Frankfurt, Antwerpen, Vienna, Amsterdam and London.



EDSUN, a young musician from Luxembourg, creates alternative R&B, smoothly laden with dark rhythmic beats. His musical style is unique to the Luxembourgish music scene and has been growing since the release of his debut EP “N.O.”. Incorporating contemporary dance in his performances seems to make EDSUN intriguing and limitless. His background from a very young age consists in performing arts, in particular singing and dance.

Having performed at the Sonic Visions Festival 2017 at Rockhal in Luxembourg, Reeperbahn in Hamburg, and Silencio in Paris, this young artist is on the rise. More recently, EDSUN has released his latest music video ‘Apologee’ and has also developped a VR experience, making people aware of the importance of the lack of Platonic Touch. EDSUN is about to release his new EP in Autumn 2018.

EDSUN | Apologee

EDSUN | No Compliments



EDSUN's shows comprise of heavy electronic sounds, live acoustic instrumentation and edgy contemporary dance. Over the past three years, the artist has gathered experience on small stages as well as packed festivals in Europe. In June 2018, he launched a Kickstarter campaign in order raise 5000 euros which would help to fund his upcoming Platonic Touch Tour. The goal of 5000 euros was successfully reached.

Upcoming Shows

12 August 2018
Beaufort Festival, Beaufort, LU

4 October 2018
Play Festival, Brussels, BE

30 October 2018
Luxembourg Sounds Like..., Fluxbau, Berlin, DE

1 November 2018
Luxembourg Sounds Like..., Molotow, Hamburg, DE

2 November 2018
Sørveiv Festival, Kristiansand, NO

10 November 2018
Rockhal, Esch Belval, LU

12 December 2018
Kinneksbond, Mamer, LU

Past Shows

20 July 2018
Horizonte Festival, Koblenz, DE

July 2018
Europavox Festival, Clermont-Ferrand, FR

June 2018
Fête de la Musique, Luxembourg City, LU

May 2018
Les Aralunaires X, Arlon, BE

April 2018
Luxembourg Sounds Like..., Musikmesse Frankfurt, DE

November 2017
Sonic Visions Music Conference & Festival, Esch Belval, LU

September 2017
Reeperbahn Festival, Hamburg, DE

August 2017
Food For Your Senses, Luxembourg City, LU

May 2017
Les Aralunaires X, Arlon, BE

November 2016
Sonic Visions Music Conference & Festival, Esch Belval, LU

August 2016
Congés Annulés, Luxembourg City, LU

May 2016
Enjoy Luxembourg Festival, Luxembourg City, LU

February 2016
EDSUN Live at Rotondes, Luxembourg City, LU

November 2015
EDSUN N.O. EP Release, Kulturfabrik, Esch-sur-Alzette, LU


The Platonic Touch Tour: Kickstarter Campaign

In June 2018, EDSUN launched a Kickstarter campaign with the aim to make people aware of the importance and lack of platonic touch amongst men. There were a number of rewards being offered to backers, such as his upcoming EP, a one-off dance workshop, a never-to-be released song or even a mini living room concert. You can read more about the Kickstarter campaign here.



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